Hi! I’m a moderator for the Productivists’ Discord channel, AI postgrad, former news editor, economist, and political staffer.

If you’re into AI, Python, economics, linguistics, politics, (humph, journalism, astronomy, or Formula 1, you could probably keep me chatting all day.

I’m an Aussie and I keep irregular hours. I’m Bi-queer, Polyamorous, Trans, and fond of the phrases “I didn’t know that” and “I was wrong.”

My daily drivers are Obsidian, Notion, Flameshot, Notepad++, Keep, and Google Sheets. I’m currently dealing with a mild to-do list allergy but have fond memories of Todoist. I’m running an entirely Ubuntu-based network here at home with Google Home and Android thrown in because I’m shamefully Apple-antagonistic.

Discord is my online life so you’re most likely going to find me there if I’m being social.