Teacher with goals for self and class

Hi all.
I’m a teacher, working in Hong Kong.
I want to

> get my students involved

in creative exploration with Digital Gardens. You might label this a Pinboarding paradime.

I also need to clean up by own paperwork. Teachers need to be very, very efficient!

My personal PKM is currently evolving towards the concepts involved with Promnesia and Hook.

It’s all about killing hierarchy and replacing it with links on all fronts

Issues I have at the moment:
12gb on Google Keep is too unwieldy due to photos.
It would be nice to search content from web.WhatsApp.com messages too. Sadly this scraper is out of date.

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Welcome aboard! I think you’ve come to the right place to dive deep into your current challenges, and hopefully make some progress solving them. For me it has been an ongoing battle, but progress does come. :smiley:

So glad you are finding Promnesia useful. As I think I’ve said elsewhere, I really think it is one of the hidden/undiscovered gems. A project ahead of its time and a step toward a more unified data future.

12GB on Keep! Wow. For what purpose do you have so many photos in there?

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This 12gb of keep data is an interesting incomplete workflow in itself. Worth a dedicated post but basically, I work in education so light emitting screens are a problem. Instead, I work on the basis of paper for creation where possible and then store it digitally as photos. Now, storage is a total pain so at the moment I use a combination of Google Photos for date+location access and Keep for the photos plus a note to help find it.
I desperately need to improve this system. Keep stores uncompressed photos. It’s too much hassle to do much else.

What I need is better automated storage with OCR of the photos that isn’t siloed and I can bring into something like Miro, only working by sync and not cloud dependent. I’ve used Rocketbook at times but it’s too limiting with the beacons and QR codes.

Interesting. I assume you know that Google Photos does allow you to write notes of a surprising length into the “notes” field. No formatting though, and I’m not certain it shows up in the native search there. Sounds like it wouldn’t be a long-term solution, but it might at least let you get rid of one tool (Keep) in the short-term…

If this is something you have to do frequently and you have a specific location you can do it in, then it seems like you ultimately will want a document-feeding scanner to simplify and speed up the process. Even if not, you want a bulk OCR tool. OCR basically converts to PDF, so you’ll want a PDF indexing media manager. Seems like looking into NAS devices/software would be good (if you don’t want to buy a dedicated e.g. Synology device, there are open source NAS servers you can use on existing hardware).

For OCR itself, there’s this:

Oh yes, and if you don’t need full extraction but just want to be able to search images by text in them, Mylio apparently does this, so might be an interesting solution:

Just a few quick thoughts, hope some of it might be helpful.

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Thanks. Appreciate it!
Thanks for that Google Photos tip. I will start to do that on the basis that that info will probably be in Takeout data if I need it :slight_smile:

Paperless is a fantastic project with the very significant benefit of keep data local. However, recent advances (as in, just the last 3-6 months), in AI OCR recognition now mean that even handwritten notes can be indexed.
AFAIK, Paperless-NG doesn’t use machine learning, unlike the cloud services from:

Textract(AWS), Cloud Vision(Google), Computer Vision (MS Azure via Ink Recognizer service), IBM Watson

I finally found a set of scripts to test these cloud services with, though I’m not sure I have time and the brains to use them yet:

However, I agree that offline, trainable AI would be preferable, keeping the data local.

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Yeah, I almost mentioned Textract and/or brought up PDF upload to GDocs for their indexing and search, but figured your desire for offline was in conflict with that. You have some challenging needs to balance. :smiley: I guess if it were me I’d probably ignore handwriting recognition for now, and aim for a digital platform that can handle that natively at some point (not sure what tools are aiming that direction yet, or which may have offline support).

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I agree with what dGarner said on the other thread. Your replies are so useful. A body of knowledge is building up here. I hope it can form a good resource. Not like xdadevs.

I found something that can do it at consumer level! ReadWise! It has a camera built in. It must be using cloud processing as it actually works with handwriting too now! Great. I’ll definitely be subscribing to that now.

Just for anyone following this, there’s also a particularly fast app on Mac called ‘TextSniper’. This works well for typeface via screenshots, though not for handwriting. Check it out.

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Oh excellent! Yes, I know a lot of people are loving Readwise, but I haven’t given it a proper test yet. Glad it looks like a solid solution for you, and you’ve inspired me to take another, closer look at it too. :slight_smile:

Me too! That is absolutely one of our big goals for the forums vs. Discord (which is more ephemeral). Thanks for asking good questions. :grin:

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